Docker Tools


Do you feel yourself lost in all these Docker tools? Let’s discuss what different tools are needed for.

Docker. A client-server app made up of the Docker daemon, a REST API that specifies interfaces for interacting with the daemon, and a command line client that talks to the daemon.

Docker Machine. A tool to install Docker Engine on virtual hosts, and manage the hosts with docker-machine commands.

Docker Compose. A tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

Docker Image. A file system and parameters to use at runtime. It doesn’t have state and never changes.

Docker Container. Wrap up a piece of SW in a complete filesystem that contains to run a server in isolated environment: code, runtime, system tools, libraries.

Boot2Docker. Lightweight Linux distribution to run Docker containers.

Docker Toolbox. An installer for quick setup and launch of a Docker environment on older Mac that do not meet the requirements of the new Docker for Mac. DEPRECATED

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