How to proxy HTTP for free with Membrane


Sometimes you need to proxy HTTP traffic, i.e. to be a “man-in-the-middle” and see what the data is sent to your service. Here is described an approach on how to get free HTTP proxy in 1 minute with Membrane tool.

Membrane – is a free and simple to use tool which allows you to capture, analyse and manipulate HTTP and SOAP messages.

1. Download Membrane for your platform

2. Run Membrane and press Add button to create a new simple proxy:


3. Select Simple Service Proxy, then go to next step:


4. Specify the proxy incoming port – Membrane will be listening on this port:


5. On the next step specify host and port for your target real service:


6. After you proceed, you’ll see the Membrane UI. On the left side there is a list of proxies. On the right side there is all HTTP traffic which goes through the proxy. In the bottom there is details for selected request:


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